Track & Field Track · Sentinel Twilight Invitational and JV Region

Thanks for all of the parents and athletes that helped with our Tri-Meet last Wednesday, it went smooth over all.  This week is JV Region at Timpview on Tuesday for all JV kids on the team.  Our Sentinel Twilight Invitational is Friday at our Stadium.

Congrats to the following for hitting State Q marks at the Wildcat Invite:  Taylor Jorgensen –1600, Meg Cummings – Discus, our Boy’s 4×100 Relay (Tyler Holman, Britton Glassey, Amari Calloway, and Ethan Minson). 

Twilight Invite–  This is our big showcase for our team and program and we have 15 other schools coming to this State Qualifying meet.  All athletes JV and Varsity are expected to be there and help.  Each athlete will be assigned a job for Friday and a time slot to be there.  If athletes do not help with this they will not compete at the Region Championships or get any kind of elective PE credit, Athletic Letter, etc., it is REQUIRED!  Meet Schedule is HERE (click schedule at top left)

We need and would love as much parent help putting on the meet as we can get, and could use a lot of help in a lot of areas.  Please let the coaches know if you are able to help out.  Here are some things we can use help with:


BBQing for concessions

Clerking at the starting line and bullpen 


Running results from the finish to the box

Helping with field events (High Jump, Long Jump, Javelin, Shot Put, Discus, Pole Vault).  

JV Region – Athletes not competing at Twilight will be able to compete at JV Region on Tuesday. Throwers will compete at Mountain View on Monday at 4:00 p.m. and the bus is TBA.  Buses for Tuesday are scheduled to leave about 1:15 p.m. and athletes will be checked out early to get there on time.  Buses are scheduled to leave about 1:15 p.m. and athletes will be checked out early to get there on time. If you are taking an AP test that day and need to come later to the meet, please let the coaches know.  We also need to know for race purposes so that we don’t register you for a race that you can’t make and we have an empty lane.  Please communicate this ASAP.  This will be the last meet for most of the JV. 

We have covid testing for all athletes who are competing at Twilight or beyond, such as Region, on Friday at 8:00 a.m..

From Coach Barnes:  So for this upcoming school year I will be teaching Sports Medicine periods 1,2, and 3 for 11th and 12th graders.  And Intro the Health Science periods 5, 6, and 7 for grades 10-12. Both are full year classes, with Sports Medicine being a CTE credit class and Intro to Health Science (basic anatomy) fulfilling the .5 Health credit for graduation and .5 CTE credit.  I always highly recommend taking Health Science over Consumer Health, especially for those who might be semi interested in any kind of medicine or health care type careers. I would love for my athletes to come take my classes, and fill them up with some students that I already know.  Plus I would love for all of my athletes to be familiar with the concepts and curriculum taught in each class. Keep this in mind as arena scheduling comes up in the next week.

I would also like to see all of our athletes in a weights class if schedules permit.